Gîte étape pour pèlerins

Sur le GR65, 64120 Aroue (Pays Basque)

  • Bienvenue à la ferme Bohoteguia

    Gîte d'étape pour pèlerins à Aroue (64)

    DEMI PENSION à partir de 30€

  • Simplicité, confort et repos...

    Gîte d'étape pour pèlerins à Aroue (64)

    DEMI PENSION à partir de 30€

  • Convivialité et cuisine généreuse...

    Gîte d'étape pour pèlerins à Aroue (64)

    DEMI PENSION à partir de 30€

Bohoteguia farmhouse-Gîte d'étape for pilgrims in Aroue

My family has offered accommodation for pilgrims on their way towards Santiago de Compostela since 1996. At that time they were received at our family home. When my father passed away in 2002, my mother continued the activity and I succeed her in 2013.

Today I welcome you to a completely renovated gite, once a barn, on the GR 65, Le Puy en Velay road.

My brother continues livestock farming here. From my gite you can continue walking on the GR 65, in the direction of Ostabat by the stele of Gibraltar and the chapel of Soyarza and take one of the ways listed as a UNESCO world heritage.

In my gite there are rooms for up to 6 people with a terrace overlooking the country.

It will be a pleasure for me to cook you homemade dishes. I propose a wide variety of traditional Pays Basque meals, such as axoa (vealbased speciality), Basque chicken, piperade, omelette with green peppers, Basque cake and talos (corn pancakes) as well as fresh salads in summer or traditional French cuisine, such as duck magret, shepherd's pie, chocolate charlotte, etc.

PLEASE, I'm pelegrim too, and I will be on the Way  in the summer 2018( and the gite will be close):

From first  july to 14 th July and from 28 July to 04 August! Thank you

I look forward for meeting you soon, Simone


We can host 27 people in rooms from 1 to 6 people.

Food and Drink

At Bohoteguia our meals are homemade : breakfasts, lunches and dinners are hearty and generous, based on local products.

Room Tariffs

We are the members of the Haltes vers Coompostelle association and it is important for us to ensure great value for money.